Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holiday Party Style

I made the time yesterday to do some extra bleaching and dying to get my blonde strip of hair looking decently white for my company holiday party. I don't bother trying to keep it white any more as I've been trying to spend less time on my hair. It's one extra step of maintenance and I'm just too busy.
I was inspired to touch up after I overhead a co-worker saying that all of the people he had seen attempt to do white hair got it wrong. I'm not sure how many people other than me that he knows who have ever attempted white hair. It was a pretty rude statement. I'm a fan of the golden + whitish blonde thing I've got going on these days. Hair style is a personal choice and expression. I actually recently dyed the brown portion "darkest brown" and it's just about black. The cel phone photos I took don't do the colours perfect justice. Anyway I felt super hot last night at my company holiday party. I feel like I've finally "found" a great hairstyle for me.
My husband warned me that "the world isn't ready for me" while I was doing my makeup. I've always wanted to do a black makeup mask though and got nothing but compliments for it.
Here's how my hair looked the day I got it cut a couple weeks ago. I've bleached out the bottom purple bit for the most part by now:

Monday, April 4, 2011

Inspired - American Apparel and Me

Here I am heading out to birthday dinner in March:And here I am trying out a $399 fascinator at Myer:So what I wanted to post about: American Apparel may file for bankruptcy!!! I really hope the company can figure their shit out and pull though. I know there is a lot of gossip about the way the company treats/hires it's employees and about Dov Charney, but I do think it is a very unique and special company. I hope AA can come out clean and stronger than ever. I've made up a "fantasy shopping list" of things I want to buy from AA. Sounds silly eh? But if they are going away, I must stock up on tight pants and leggings!! LOVE!

CEO Dov Charney says the situation his company is in is making him feel inspired, which I totally understand. I use my personal fears to motivate myself often. It may sound strange... But I have some big goals and I want to reach them, badly. Crazily! Chasing after my goals is why I have not posted on this blog in a looong time. I am just too busy. If I get a little depressed or doubtful, I just think about that final goal and I am invigorated.

I had a birthday recently and got some birthday money from my dahling mum/stepdad/sister. I spent the majority of it on AA clothing. I received a coupon from AA for %25 off my order since it was my b-day. I got a long skirt and some acid wash leggings. The skirt since, on my birthday outing day I tried on a gorgeous high waisted floor length red skirt by Acne and was a little disappointed to realise it was $435. So AA's black floor length skirt fills that void, even though it's not red. And I got the acid wash leggings since I have a pair but they have been loved a bit much - they have a couple tiny holes in them and some of the seams and stretching.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hot Summer... and a move...

It's been awhile. Summer is racing by, hot n' muggy... I failed at my New Year's resolution months ago to have a monthly budget but now I'm trying to not acquire any new clothes... Since in a few months I'll have to have all the clothes I want shipped to Australia! I'm moving!! In a few months I'll have to report some fashionable happenings down under...

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sexy Summer Sandals

Pour la Victoire Women's Raquel Flat Sandal - they make me think of Uma Thurman kicking butt in Kill Bill.
These ones are little intense - ZiGiny Women's Starter Sandals. I'm sure they would turn heads:
These espadrilles remind me of jika tabi. They have the split toe thing going on. They are by Dolce Vita.
Less fierce, more gorgeous, I love these t-strap sandals by Badgley Mischka!
Found these sexy sandals by Georgina Goodman on I was struck by the great combination of bright colours and shine, though my favorite part is the overall shapes. The three "O" 's wrap around your feet to cause design gorgeousness. I discovered the second image when I hit the link to and saw the champagne pink and black combo - a favorite of mine. They even look comfy to walk in, wedge heels and ankle strap and all.
Like these Marc by Marc Jacobs Platforms as well:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Maybelline EyeStudio Photos

I've been experimenting with the Maybelline EyeStudio kit. It came with a lot of palettes, all very sparkly. I did a lot of blending and soft looks for work and glammed it up when I went out at night. Unfortunately, none of the looks I created photographed well... Well, I think my makeup looks nice but it's hard to see real gradient... Here are a few of the better shots:

I gave a pile of palettes to my sister Karen. Her pic is nice, you can see some golden brown eyeshadow.
I intend to to write a review specifically about the 4 mascaras included in the kit. I'm honestly still experimenting with all the products.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Maybelline EyeStudio kit

I received a Maybelline EyeStudio kit - it's the entire collection! Mascara, eye shadow palettes and cream eye liner liner. I've been trying out the collection and taking photos since I got it. I've been creating a lot of softer 'for the office' looks and the occasional glammed up babe look for when I'm out at a fun event.

More pictures to come...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

American Apparel

Urban Outfitters... I'm leaving you for American Apparel. I'll visit every so often and see if you skirts are still just barely able to cover my butt cheeks and whether or not you're still making ill-shaped cut out style tops... Ok, I'm being harsh. I still love Urban Outfitters. For the most part though, I am interested in getting away from details and strong preppy/hobo trendiness influences. I am in love with huge baggy tops over tight bottoms and tight tops over big flowy pants. And I love rompers/one-pieces/jumpers/onesies whatever you decide to call them. Harem pants I love. High-waisted bottoms, basic pieces cut extra long or short, loose vs. tight and layering are doing it for me. Plus - I'm just dyyyying for summer to come... Yesterday I was beckoning summer by putting on my new sleeveless chambray jumper, flat stringy sandals and floppy straw hat and doing a ritualistic dance in my living room. (Actually I just got my husband to take some photos of said outfit.) I picked up this jumper yesterday and I adore it! It's so cute! Comfy! Flattering! Fun! Summery! I got it in 'black' (white with overload of black flecks) and I think it looks nicer on me than it does on the model in the photos on the American Apparel site. Sometimes it's a little frustrating when you want to see a garment and every photo they shoot had the model raising her arms or yanking on the fabric... At least for longer garments they post a length measurement and a good description. Reviews are also often bountiful and helpful.
My goal for the year to not spend more than $53 a month was going quite well. I was feeling so frugal that I stopped counting every cent and dollar I was spending. This year, I've only bought 2 takeout coffees. I have seen a couple movies at the theater and did a small bit of clothes shopping in January. I've been pretty good! But now I've made another purchase from American Apparel, including my new jumper. There are books and movies I want and they are actually 'good for my career' type stuff so I don't see these as 'guilty purchases'. But a purchase is a purchase and if you don't need something it technically is a guilty. (Not so much guilty as not necessary.) So will probably just continue to make my own coffee (with my adored moka pot) and walk to work and try to be frugal but reasonable with my purchases. Maybe I'll add it up and see how much I've spent. But not today.

Through American Apparel I also discovered Viva Radio which I am really digging. They are very specific about what gets played when during air time. I've enjoyed some slow punky techno rock stuff and also listed to some soul and now it's some twangy, slow love song stuff. I love music but I don't have much of it coming into my ears on a regular basis. I am excited that I've found this way to listen to music I enjoy and so far I've only recognised one song and then one artist. It's all new for me which is brilliant. I like to listen to 'No Coincidence', a techy dance song by BeatBurrito which I love to listen to when Viva Radio isn't making me happy.

Pictures! These are me sporting a crazy pair of sunglasses I found on e-bay that I've been waiting for summer to wear, my chambray suit/floppy hat summer combo and a jumpsuit I got in January form UO paired with a vintage beaded belt. I had to order it online and I got it a size too big. I didn't want to deal with returning it and I don't mind the oversized nature, but I have to tape the front opening to my boobs to keep the top on. Also the photos are completely unedited, I could not be bothered.